Frequently asked questions

What does Future Jobs Finder do?
It’s a tool Vodafone's created to help young people reach their full potential in today’s digital world.

How does it work?
All you'll need to do is answer a series of simple questions and we'll provide you with a set of career fields that match your skills and preferences. Complete one short quiz and if you like the career fields, you can either learn more about the roles within the field or look for available positions. You can take additional quizzes, the more we learn about you, the more accurate our job suggestions will be.

Who is it for?
Anyone who feels they need inspiration when approaching work for the first time, but really anyone can use it, even if you just want to find out more about yourself.

Is Future Jobs Finder free to use?
Yes, absolutely!

Is there an app I can download?
No there’s no need to download anything, as the tool works on a web browser.

What is the advantage of using this tool?
It aims to match your skills with potential job positions, gives you an opportunity to improve your skills through online courses and makes you more aware of your key strengths.
What do the tests assess?
There are 5 tests within the tool, which focus on:
1. Your interests
2. Your problem solving skills
3. Your ability to multi-task
4. Your short term memory
5. Your attention to detail

Will I receive results once I’ve completed the test?
Once you complete a test, your top skills will be automatically updated on your homepage to show your strengths.

Can I share my results on social media?
Absolutely! You can share your career matches on a variety of social media platforms.

What if I’m not interested in the suggested career fields?
If you don''t like one of the listed career fields or job positions, you can click on the trash icon and then the next job group will appear. Don''t worry if you change your mind later on, you can find any deleted jobs or career fields in the menu tab.

How do I find out what skills are needed for each job?
You will find the key transferable skills within each job family.

Will the results change after I do each one of the tests?
Yes, they’ll automatically update if there is a change in your skills and the more tests you do the more accurate your results will be.

Can I do the same test multiple times?
Yes, you can continue to do the test until you’re happy with your results.

What happens if I click out of a test before completing it?
If you exit the web browser before completing the quiz, you''ll need to restart the test again.

If I use the tool, will my chances increase of getting an internship/apprenticeship/graduate role at Vodafone?
This tool isn’t used for recruitment, so unfortunately it won't increase your chances of a job at Vodafone. The tool is about helping you understand your digital skills and find the right job opportunity for you.

Can I apply to job postings directly through the tool?
As soon as you find a job position that you want to apply for, click the button and you'll be linked through to a job board where you can start the application process.

Can I apply to job postings which are not in my home country?
Yes, there is an option to change your location and to list a country you would like to work in.

Will the listed jobs take into account my skills and education level?
Yes. After the first quiz we'll ask you what your highest level of education is and combine it with your quiz results to find you suitable career fields and job openings.

Are the e-Learning courses free?
The e-Learning platforms are external to Future Jobs Finder but we’ve matched them with the job categories that are best for you. The best thing of this all is that most of them are totally free to use!

Do I receive a certificate of completion from Vodafone?
Not for the moment but you will be given your top strengths and attributes which are definitely good to mention on job applications and your CV.

Will a potential employer have access to these results?
We won’t share these results as we’re only here to help you reach your full potential, but you can use the results to boost your CV by adding results to your top skills.